Neuro-Linguistic Programming changes how you think (neuro) from negative habits into a positive mindset. It will adjust how you communicate  (linguistic) and behave with others so you can become much more confident and in control of your life. Step into the power of who you are born to be, not who you were conditioned to be!


NLP treats the following conditions:

  • Stress/Anxiety

  • Low Mood 

  • Addictions/Smoking

  • Confident building

  • Panic Attacks

  • Body Image

  • Trauma Relief

  • Bereavement

    A 2-hour session is highly recommended on your first visit which is £120.


This is a powerful therapy used as a gentle tapping movement on the acupressure points, to help you release any static energy that may be caused by pain or distress. I have found it deeply releases old static energy patterns, past experiences, dealing with stressful life changes and trauma.


This is usually combined within the NLP session.


A 2-hour session is highly recommended on your first visit which is £120.


Meditation is a wonderful way to help overcome the stresses and hectic nature of modern life.  It is proven to have many positive benefits on physical health and emotional wellbeing. Many people find it to be a powerful tool to reconnect with the self and to find a deeper sense of purpose and connection with the world.

I run meditation sessions suitable for beginners and those experienced in meditation.  

My guided meditation's use voice, sound, nature and space to create a sacred journey which will be unique to each individual.  I create a focus to the meditation, overcoming the anxiety many have to ‘shut off the mind’.  I run my meditation sessions in venues which embrace nature and enhance relaxation and wellbeing. 


Relax and enjoy the journey of a unique meditation ~ individually, or as part of a group.

These sessions are run as a course of 6 sessions for £120

Check the events page for group courses.


I use vibrational sound to alter your consciousness and create a deep sense of peace and wellbeing which will better your health. 


Our bodies are made of around 78% water, the sound connects to the water particles in the body rebalancing and harmonising all of the systems, including the organs.


A lot of my clients really enjoy the feeling that sound creates as it travels through the body. It really anchors the body back into its natural alignment.


1-hour session £60.


I connect to the energy of the angelic realm whilst using reiki to balance the energy field and bring peace and harmony to the body. 


1-hour session £60


There is light beyond the veil. Your loved ones are there and are eager to communicate with you. My readings can provide you with the opportunity to have interactive communication with your loved ones on the other side. I have been able to help many people cope with the grief of losing a loved one by sharing their beloved's messages and affirmations with them. These have literally changed their lives in multiple, positive ways. Knowing that our loved ones are not only happy and well, but are also still with us, sharing both our joys and sorrows, that they are watching over us, and are able to share what they have observed in our lives, empowers us to move forward with the knowledge that we truly are not alone. Often times we have unfinished business with our loved ones. Things we wonder about, or something we were never able to hear or say before their passing. Being able to have closure in these areas, allows us to gain peace of mind and focus on the loving aspects of our relationship with them. Sometimes people also need the validation that they too have felt spirit presence, and have been receiving messages on their own.


1-hour session £60