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Vibrational Sound Therapy

Emotional Freedom Technique

Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Intuitive Healing



The synchronicity of life brings me beautiful natural holistic healing and visions, which I share with others. We do not need to fix our lives, we need to retrieve our spirit and reconnect with life itself.

I use vibrational healing by tuning into the frequency of your mind, body, and spirit through sound, colour, and my intuition.

The work that I do will open your heart to your own unique joy, to live a joyous abundant healthy and loving life of your choice.

What do you feel you are searching for in life? 

Do you feel free to express your gifts, talents, creativity?

Could you benefit from releasing blockages or limitations which are hindering your fulfilment?​

Heath Priory,

Staithe Rd,


Norwich, Norfolk, 

NR12 0YJ

Call me on: 07776 402176

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