What my clients say


I have been having sessions and going on Paulina's retreats for years now and she never disappoints.

Paulina is a highly intuitive healer and works in a very free and effective way. 


She is kind and empathic and her workshops and sessions are always fun yet achieve results very quickly. 

Paulina is the real deal and I highly recommend her.


The tools she has taught me over the years have changed my life!


Paulina’s approach to her numerous therapies is unique and wholehearted.

I’ve experienced many hours with her and my health, both mental and physical, has benefitted immeasurably.

She has a gift she feels compelled to share generously and my life is undoubtedly the better for it.

I highly recommend Paulina to anyone with an open mind and a willingness to immerse themselves in her treatments.


Paulina, without doubt, is an earth angel. She has helped me to move on step by step through the most hardest times of my life. Her intuition, understanding, and empathy have never faulted me and I am truly blessed to have her in my life. 


Her attributes - grit, strength, determination and giving love to all no matter what always shines through to me and gives me power and encouragement to shine bright in every aspect of my life.


She is an inspiration to all and I can honestly say I have never or will never meet anyone quite like her. Anyone seeking her guidance would be very lucky indeed to have her help. I will never be able to express the gratitude I have for Paulina helping me.


Paulina Jones is a gentle, caring soul who is on this earth to bring healing to those suffering from not only physical wounds but also wounded hearts and souls.

A natural intuitive, she instinctively knows what your body and spirit will benefit from. Using sound, she is able to penetrate the cells of the body in order to bring it into balance and in so doing calms the mind which facilitates an holistic overall healing of body, mind and spirit.

A rare and wondrous person I am honoured to know.